Vtuber app

The first vtuber app for desktop based on ue5,
free for non pro users (below 1000 subscribers).


High quality graphics with Unreal Engine 5


Designed for simplicity to not get in your way while playing or streaming

Custom avatar

Create your own metahuman and load in the app

Solo Developer

All your support is appreciated, lets play !


Next generation Vtuber


Core Features

  • Made with unreal engine 5 for best graphics

  • Create your own Avatar (metahuman) and use it on the app.

  • Facetracking using webcam and a third party app

  • Can enable green background (to capture with obs or streaming software)

  • Control 4 kinds of animations

  • Visual effects

  • Runs in background so you can stream while gaming

  • Control using osc clients, so it can be used similar to a streamdeck but using a tablet (being worked)

Custom Avatar

Use your metahuman as your avatar

With Valias app you can use your own personalized avatar.

If you are an advanced user you can even add all kind of modifications like special clothing, accesories, face and body deformations.

Join discord server to get all the instructions to setup your avatar.


Features nice to have

So much in the future..

Im focusing on creating a core app that is ready to use and to build a community around it, all the support on discusing features, donations and even testers are welcome.

The goal is to let users MOD / customize their own avatars while still getting the best good looking avatars.


Join the discord server


Chat with other vtubers and get to know the project.



While i plan to keep the core app free, i also want to offer a pro version and sell a monthly payment to make it a bussines. At the moment the app is free for users with less than 1000 subscribers and is not for commercial use.


Donations are welcome, i have plans to give rewards to donors(like special app builds or version previews) maybe a patreon would be comming in the future.

Download for free

Beta version, runs in Windows, requires this app https://joinhallway.com/ for the facetracking.

*Beta version , by dowloading you accept motion.mx releases this app as is with no guarantees , use at your own risk. Free for non pro users (less than 1000 subscribers , and no comercial use).